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You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what exactly makes it earn this distinction? Breakfast has long been lauded as the meal that will help improve your focus and keep you feeling full and healthy throughout the day.  Yet, when it comes time to lose weight, so many people […]

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a week working diligently to make healthy choices in your diet, only to reach the scale and realize that nothing has happened. You’ve made changes to your diet, you’ve incorporated exercise into your daily routine, you are eating healthier than you ever had in your life, and yet, […]

There are a lot of obstacles that come up when you are trying to lose weight. Finding time to fit in your workout definitely qualifies as an obstacle, as does the challenge of giving up your sweets. But there are some obstacles that you aren’t as prepared for. Carbohydrate consumption is regulated on just about […]