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Lockdown has been tough on all of us. It has been particularly hard on our waistlines. Most of us have had to be a lot more sedentary, and with the gyms closed and all those months where it was easiest to get a takeaway, we have found that it has had an effect on our weight. The truth of the matter is that we are not quite as svelte and slim as we were pre-lockdown. [Read more]

You know when you create positive mental energy, or willpower. It rises as an emotion and you can feel it in your body. Hence the term ‘fire in your belly’ to describe drive. Without it, you’re unproductive. You lack enthusiasm. Positive mental energy propels you to get ahead and accomplish your aims. It pushes you to go that extra mile. [Read more]

Obesity makes daily news headlines, and everyone is aware of the many negative effects, from increasing health problems and decreasing life span, to the higher financial costs for everything from medical care to plus-size clothing. Yet the rates of obesity keep rising, and in 2020 they promise to be higher than ever. [Read more]



People often wince at the idea of loving themselves. They think of Narcissus gazing at his reflection in a pool and imagine self-love is selfish. Selfishness, though, is different to positive self-regard. When you are selfish, you put your needs first, even if doing so hurts someone else. When you love yourself, you open your heart and teach yourself how to love others. [Read more]

Do you wish the ground would swallow you when you’re criticized? No one enjoys the disapproval of others, but some handle it well. Learn how to deal with criticism, and you won’t be defensive and humiliated when people judge your ideas as unworthy. You’ll recognize the difference between constructive feedback and put-downs, and your healthy self-esteem will help you respond to reproach constructively. [Read more]

Negative thoughts are a natural part of human life, but do you try to oust yours? You might aim to stop unwanted self-talk, but you are doomed to fail. Perhaps you’ll think you’re winning occasionally. Nonetheless, your disparaging thoughts will return and bite you when you are off your guard. The only feasible way to deal with them is to let them go. [Read more]

Plenty of people are critical, and you’re bound to be on the receiving end of their judgments at times. Dealing with unexpected or poorly delivered criticism, though, is hard unless you know how to respond constructively. Here are five ways to cope and build better relationships, or at least grow in understanding, when someone expresses disapproval. [Read more]



When you make such a big change in your life as what is required when you undergo weight loss surgery, it can take a bit of getting used to. While you still have the same name, may live in the same place and even have the same job, there are plenty of people who may feel like they are looking at a totally different version of the person they’ve known and loved. This can be a really positive experience that may fill you with all of the energy you need to push to your next weight loss goal, but it can also be a bit stressful. [Read more]



Weight Loss Time Traps

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Time is a valuable thing, but you may not fully realize just how far a bit of extra time could go until you start trying to make healthy changes in your lifestyle. You may think that your life is busy now, but once you add cooking healthy meals into your daily routine and then finding time to exercise every day, you’ll be wondering where those extra hours could possibly come from. Unfortunately, many people first attempt to make extra time for these healthy habits by cutting down on how many hours of sleep they’ll get every night, but quality sleep is actually vital when you are trying to lose weight. When faced with a time crunch, you need to slow down and take a bit of time to strategize before you attempt to start changing habits on the fly. [Read more]