How to Increase the Mental Energy of Willpower


You know when you create positive mental energy, or willpower. It rises as an emotion and you can feel it in your body. Hence the term ‘fire in your belly’ to describe drive. Without it, you’re unproductive. You lack enthusiasm. Positive mental energy propels you to get ahead and accomplish your aims. It pushes you to go that extra mile.

How can you create mental energy?

Having recognized why you need mental energy; you need to know how to create it. Your thoughts, which inspire enthusiasm and inspiration, are the portents of a commanding mind. You can strengthen motivation with high-impact thoughts that generate willpower. When you do so, you’ll have the vitality to propel you from your comfort zone and help you reach your goals.

Mindful energy creation

Negativity reduces willpower, draining your zest. Thoughts of lack dampen the fire of passion and make you despondent and unproductive. Many people combine thoughts of lack with what they want in life, and this is a mistake. Their desire to shift straight to a positive outcome, wealth for instance, increases, but the impetus to make required changes to gain more money dwindles.

You stay in lack mode when you entertain negativity. Concentrate not on what blocks success but on how to meet your aims, and helpful mental energy will grow. Positivity will raise your spirits and stoke willpower. Build positive emotional vitality with thoughts of how great you’ll feel when you succeed. Consider how your life and wellbeing will change for the better when you drop a dress size, publish your book, or whatever you want to accomplish, and let the mental energy created fuel willpower.

How to manage negative thoughts

The desire to entertain positive thoughts doesn’t necessarily stop negative ones popping into your head occasionally, so learn how to handle them. When you imagine they are like floating corks that, when pushed down, meet resistance, you can see what happens when you try to stop negative thoughts rising. They resurface when you fight them.

If you pour more water into the container where a cork drifts, rather than shove it below the surface, it floats out of the top. The same goes for negative thoughts. Fill your mind, your container, with positivity, and negativity will float from sight. Focus on uplifting thoughts about what you hope to accomplish. Excitement, joy, and enthusiasm will grow and feed willpower. Increase mental energy production with thoughts that lift your spirits and you’ll have the drive required to meet your goals.