Lose Weight Three Ways


If you want to lose weight, the best way is to cut down on both fattening drinks and fattening foods, and combine your double diet with exercise. You’ll find this three-sided slimming method much more rewarding than the instinctive approach of simply downsizing your meals or avoiding fattening foods alone. What’s more, you’ll appreciate the natural, common sense style of this method, and the absence of any extreme elements. Here are some pointers for each of the three aspects involved, to get you started right away:

Cutting back on high calorie foods

Try to avoid fatty foods, such as chips, crisps, and full fat dairy products. Some types of meat also contain a high proportion of fat, as do various desserts. In particular, you’d be best to avoid saturated and high cholesterol fats. Sugar is also very fattening, so do your best to resist sugary products, such as candies, cakes, cookies and desserts.If in doubt, read the calorie count stated on the product’s packaging, or familiarize yourself with the calorie levels of your favorite foods, as presented in reliable nutrition information sources.

High calorie drinks to avoid

The good news is that water is calorie-free, and so is plain coffee and tea. But add any sugar, milk, fruit squash or virtually any other embellishment, and you’ll be adding calories. If you can’t do without milk, take the fully skimmed version, and if you can’t enjoy your tea or coffee without a sweetener, use a calorie-free one. Alcohol can also be deceptively fattening, looking thin and watery when it’s really high in calories. When shopping for your favorite tipple, look out for low calorie versions, so you can enjoy your drink while controlling your weight at the same time. As with foods, consult a reliable information source for further information on calorie levels in different drinks.

Exercise types to pick from

Don’t underestimate the important part exercise can play in reducing weight, especially in conjunction with dieting. Commit yourself to daily, or ideally twice daily, exertion that will get you panting and sweating, to burn off that unwanted fat. If you enjoy walking, take a brisk march or a steady jog every day, preferably involving some hill-climbing. If you refer cycling, swimming or workouts, or some other form of full-body exercise, pursue that activity instead. The more you enjoy the exercise, the easier it will be to keep up the commitment. In addition to intensive exercise, move around as much as possible through the day, using stairs rather than elevator, and travelling by foot rather than car or bus, whenever possible. Every step you take will help.

When you combine all three slimming drives together – the double diet plus the exercise – you’ll see rewarding results in next to no time. What’s more, you’ll feel a whole lot better in yourself for this natural, rounded approach to weight loss.