Reasons Why Exercising May Cause Weight Gain


All too often, people trying to lose weight actually begin gaining a few pounds during the initial weeks of a new exercise program. It’s a common occurrence, and it doesn’t mean that these individuals are doing anything wrong. If the numbers on your scale are getting higher rather than lower, one of the following issues could be the reason why.

Eating More Calories

Exercising can make you hungrier than usual. As a result, you may indulge in a larger meal or an extra snack. If the calories you ingest equal the calories you burn during your workout, you won’t lose any weight at all. In fact, if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll probably gain weight. Even if you select a snack with less than 100 calories, you can still put on a few pounds, especially if you have more than one extra treat a day.

Restricting Your Dietary Intake

Although it seems to make sense that dieting should lead to weight loss, it doesn’t always do so. Highly restrictive dieting may cause your body to go into starvation mode. During starvation mode, your body holds onto its fat by slowing down your metabolism. As a result, you won’t lose any weight.

Being Impatient

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the sad truth. For most people, gaining weight is easier to do than losing it. Your body isn’t going to respond immediately to any changes that you’ve made. Be patient as you look for positive results. It may take several months before you notice your weight beginning to drop. 

Adding Muscle

For many people, gaining weight commonly occurs during the first few weeks of starting an exercise routine. As your body develops muscle, you begin to weigh more than you did before starting your new routine. Since muscle is heavier than fat, you initially gain weight rather than losing it.

Having a Medical Issue

Whether or not you are aware of an underlying medical condition, its presence can cause you to gain weight. For example, untreated hypothyroidism often leads to weight gain. If you are putting on weight or finding it difficult to take it off, you may want to see your doctor to check for medical issues.  As you make your journey through a new exercise routine, keep in mind that it’s better to achieve your weight-loss goal gradually. The most important component of losing weight as you exercise should be to achieve lifelong changes in your daily routines. Doing so should help you to maintain your weight loss as you continue your exercise program.