Six Amazing Reasons To Try Yoga


Yoga has been a part of mainstream culture for decades now. However, most people have still never tried out yoga. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with not doing yoga. But it is worthwhile to be aware of what the practice has going for it. Here are six great reasons you should consider trying yoga.

1. Improved balance. Balance is more important than you might think. Maintaining balance helps fight off the negative effects of aging. Poor balance can cause falls in old age, potentially resulting in serious injuries such as broken bones. Holding a challenging yoga pose is one of the best ways to improve balance.

2. Stress relief. Stress makes life miserable and negatively affects health both mentally and physically. Like other forms of physical exertion, yoga triggers the release of endorphins, the brain chemicals connected with improved mood. A good yoga session will relax and calm a troubled mind.

3. Better flexibility. Many yoga poses are specifically designed to improve flexibility. Better flexibility means joints can achieve their full range of motion. This effect makes everyday movements easier to perform and reduces risk of injury and pain. Better flexibility also improves posture, which is important since poor posture can result in chronic pain.

4. Healthier sleep. Poor sleep is a big problem. Chronic bad sleep wrecks productivity and harms both body and mind. Happily, by relieving stress and anxiety, yoga can be a powerful sleep aid. Research has shown practicing yoga significantly improves sleep quality.

5. Yoga is beginner-friendly. Unlike many more demanding forms of exercise, yoga is relatively easy and simple to get started with. For this reason yoga is particularly valuable for people who are out of shape or have health problems. A yoga session won’t force you to do anything beyond your capabilities.

6. Yoga is enjoyable. Many forms of exercise are essentially miserable for the average person. Not so yoga, which has a calming, meditative quality to it. Yoga relaxes you, rather than getting you amped up. The fact that yoga is usually a positive experience makes it easier to stick with the habit long-term.

Yoga has something to offer almost anyone. It’s a particularly valuable practice as the body ages and more intense forms of exercise become more difficult. While strenuous activities may eventually become impossible as youth fades, yoga can easily be a lifelong habit. All the more reason to give yoga a shot.