Six Reasons To Work Out On a Treadmill


Exercising on a treadmill might not be the most exciting form of exercise you can imagine. However, this tried and true method of staying fit still has a lot going for it, no matter your fitness level. Here are the six big advantages of working out on a treadmill.

  • The data available.

Most treadmills have a display featuring a variety of information about the workout in progress. Typically, pace, distance covered, and calories burned will all be shown. This information can be quite valuable, helping exercisers keep track of their progress and performance from workout to workout.

  • Preplanned workouts.

Treadmills often feature a set of preplanned workouts exercisers can choose from to complete. Following an already planned workout is a way to easily get a good workout without any planning or thought required. Striving to complete a set workout can also increase motivation.

  • A controlled environment.

For runners, experiencing the wind, sun, and other natural weather effects can be wonderful… or terrible, if there’s heavy rain or extreme temperatures. In contrast, exercising on a treadmill is possible no matter the weather conditions. During the heat of summer or the cold of winter a treadmill is the ideal way to continue running or walking for exercise.

  • Ease of use.

Treadmills are about as simple as it gets. Other exercise machines can be complex and intimidating, but a treadmill’s function is obvious. For people unused to regular exercise, running or walking on a treadmill is a great place to get started.

  • Workout variety.

Most treadmills allow for incline and resistance to be adjusted. Replicating the experience of running up hills is actually possible — which is especially useful for people who live in areas with only flat terrain. Running or walking at an incline is valuable because it works the leg muscles in different ways, improving endurance and strength. Changing the resistance adds further workout variety.

  • A good cardiovascular workout.

The most important aspect of any form of exercise is how beneficial it is for health. Fortunately, walking or running on a treadmill provides a solid aerobic workout. Calories are burned and the cardiovascular system as a whole becomes healthier. Exercising on a treadmill is a great way to lose weight or maintain a healthy size while also improving general fitness levels.

It might not play much of a part in the newest, most trendy workout fads, but a treadmill remains a great way to work out. There are plainly strong advantages to exercising on a treadmill. No one interested in staying fit should turn their nose up at the value provided by treadmills.