The Benefits of a Bullet Journal


Journaling has long been regarded as one of the top habits that you can engage in during a weight loss program. The idea behind keeping a weight loss journal is that by writing down everything that you eat, every workout you engage in, and every time you reach your weekly weight loss goal you can stay focused, informed, and up to date with exactly what is going on with your body.

There are plenty of ways to keep a weight loss journal, from fancy phone apps that will give you push-reminders several times a day if you forget to update your information, to journals that come with plenty of designated boxes to help you keep everything organized and in place. However, there is a new trend in journaling that could be even more effective in helping you to track your weight loss progress thanks to the highly personalized nature of it: bullet journaling.

A bullet journal is a journal that is kept on plain paper or graph paper. The book itself has no printed words and no blocked off calendars or weekly breakdowns. Every page that you open is a total blank slate, ready for you to fill in on your own. This is the beauty of keeping a bullet journal for weight loss purposes. You decide your goals, you decide your focus, and you decide what you are going to track and when.

Bullet journals differ from traditional weight loss journals in that you create everything yourself. This leaves you freedom to create pages like:

  • How much water you have drank by day, or by the hour
  • How much weight you’ve lost this week, this month, or this year
  • How many new recipes you’ve tried, and with what healthy new ingredients
  • Whether you’ve kept up with outside goals, such as mental health awareness goals
  • Other aspects of your health, including your sleeping habits

You can make the charts as simple or elaborate as you wish, and then track them in whatever capacity you prefer. By creating the chart yourself you are more likely to remember to check in with yourself and update your journal, which is one of the biggest challenges many face with using a weight loss journal to help with their weight loss progress. To get started with a bullet journal all you need is a blank sheet of paper. You can look online for inspiration for highly creative spreads or you can just start simple and go from there. Your mind is your limit. Have fun.