To Lose Weight, Find Balance


One of the biggest pitfalls that many people face when getting started with a new weight loss program is the all-or-nothing mindset that dominates so many weight loss programs. This type of mindset is designed to help you really commit and stay on track with your weight loss efforts, but what it does more often than not is lead you down a path of discouragement. The all or nothing mindset includes thinking that to be successful on a weight loss plan, you must be absolutely perfect at following that weight loss plan at all times, and that there is no room for any level of mistake, at any time. Any weight loss doctor will tell you that this isn’t realistic. The best way to lose weight successfully and keep it off long-term is to make more healthy decisions than poor ones. That means every day making the best choice in any given situation. Sometimes those choices still aren’t great, but as long as you are making the best choice, then you are putting yourself on the pathway towards health and weight loss success.

Finding weight loss success requires a major balancing act of healthy habits. While everyone likes to point fingers at the person who loses weight by becoming a total fitness guru, spending just as many hours at the gym as they do at work, this isn’t a realistic pathway for everyone else. There are plenty of ways that you can reach your weight loss goals and feel healthier without letting diet and fitness completely dominate your new healthier lifestyle. This is why losing weight always comes down to balance.

Here are a few suggestions for helping you find balance as you lose weight:

  • Set up an exercise routine that will easily fit into your lifestyle. Don’t overcommit to a workout program that you are likely to not be able to keep up with, as this will just leave you feeling discouraged. Try setting up a workout routine that keeps you engaged for 30-60 minutes per day, almost every day of the week.
  • Try being positive about your new dietary expectations by focusing on what you can have instead of what you can’t. When you are able to fill your diet with as much positivity and healthy, delicious foods as possible, you are more likely to feel satisfied and keep up with your diet.

 Being as balanced as possible is the best way to approach a new weight loss program. Do your best to make the best choices possible, and always to set a plan in place that is likely to work to your lifestyle. The more realistic you are with your goals and plans, the more likely you are to find weight loss success.