Turn Your Home Workouts into Fun Events


If you’re doing your daily exercises in the privacy of your own home, you may find the routine a little dreary and lonely. Working out on your own can also present willpower issues, with no one around to encourage or inspire you, and no fun to help you through. But there are ways around these problems. Here are five easy ways to get fun into your fitness regime, and they may lead you to more:

Share on screen

Find a friend or relative to exercise with. They don’t need to be in your home. With a video app like Zoom or Skype, you can share your routine via your screens. This will make the experience a whole lot more fun, as you discuss which exercises to tackle together and spur each other on with tips and comments. There are sure to be giggles, too, and maybe a chat over coffee at the end, while you discuss your next shared session.

Share on social media

If you prefer to exercise alone than with a friend, why not share your challenges with your social media followers, for more remote support? Let them know your targets for the session, and maybe post a photo of yourself getting ready. Then report back on how you fared, with more selfies and any humorous comments you can add in. Include the failures as well as the successes, so that followers can trust you and engage in your stories. You’re sure to increase your following this way, and may inspire others to get fit, too. More importantly, you’ll have the moral support you need to see you through the tasks. 

Set yourself specific challenges

Make your workouts exciting with specific targets and a scoring system. Be your own taskmaster, complete with rulebook, start and finish markers, and a stopwatch. Set yourself new daily and weekly goals to aim for, with rewards on hand for every challenge achieved. A word of warning here, though: don’t raise the bar too high for yourself, or you’ll take the pleasure out of keeping fit. To avoid this, include some funny, crazy challenges, such as balancing an egg in a spoon while jumping, or sliding through your rooms on your stomach.

Exercise to music

If you’re not already exercising to music, try it now for an enjoyable extra dimension. The rhythm and swing will spur you along wonderfully, and you’ll feel you’re performing a dance or gymnastics show, rather than pushing yourself through a punishing workout. You may also find it supportive to follow a teacher-led video demonstration, especially one with punchy music along the way.

With these enhancements, you’ll need no willpower to pursue your keep-fit sessions at home. In fact, chances are they’ll become such fun, you’ll have to challenge yourself to stop when time’s up. What’s more, you’ll be super-fit before you even stop to notice.