Weight Loss Time Traps


Time is a valuable thing, but you may not fully realize just how far a bit of extra time could go until you start trying to make healthy changes in your lifestyle. You may think that your life is busy now, but once you add cooking healthy meals into your daily routine and then finding time to exercise every day, you’ll be wondering where those extra hours could possibly come from. Unfortunately, many people first attempt to make extra time for these healthy habits by cutting down on how many hours of sleep they’ll get every night, but quality sleep is actually vital when you are trying to lose weight. When faced with a time crunch, you need to slow down and take a bit of time to strategize before you attempt to start changing habits on the fly.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people run into trouble with their weight loss progress comes down to one simple fact: there isn’t enough time. But the thing is that everyone has the same amount of time each day. There is always going to be 24 hours at your disposal, so what are you doing in those 24 hours that is preventing you from fitting in those healthy habits?

Avoiding common time traps can help you to be more productive with your time, and it only takes a little bit of planning to make it happen. Not many people manage their time hour by hour, and the result is that you could be looking at several missing hours in your day that you genuinely can’t explain where they went.

To avoid time crunches, consider how you may be able to combine simple tasks into condensed time:

  • Try cutting down on extra hours at work by reducing the amount of time socializing or calling for meetings that can be handled more efficiently via email.
  • Do your best to multi-task as needed to keep up with your healthy habits. The easiest way to do this may be meeting friends at the gym or having friends over to share a healthy meal with you rather than eating out.
  • You can also make your mornings easier by packing your car the night before, which will give you time for a healthy breakfast or even a morning workout.

Simple shifts like these can have a huge impact on your weight loss program. If you feel like you are out of time and unable to keep up with your new healthy lifestyle, then try finding just small changes that you could make to how you spend your time. A little can go a long way with making your day more healthy and efficient.